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Endodontic Therapy (Root Canals)

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Aaron Palmer

Dr. Aaron Palmer

Dr. Palmer is a general dentist with advanced training in Root Canal treatment. He uses the same high-quality techniques and equipment as a specialist, including a surgical grade Operating Microscope as well as Cone Beam CT technology in order to achieve the most predictable results possible.

  • Dr. Palmer performs root canals on molars, premolars, front teeth and teeth with existing crowns.
  • Most root canals are completed in 1 or 2 visits.
  • Friendly staff, modern office and relaxing environment.



What Patients are Saying


I had as good a time as a person could, having a root canal. Dr. Palmer did a great job and I experienced very little discomfort.

Stephen P.

I had a root canal with no pain! Dr. Palmer did a great job!

Rick M.

Yay! A painless root canal! Thank you! 🙂

Sharon W.

I was anxious about having a root canal, but was very pleasantly surprised at how painless the entire procedure was. Dr. Palmer and his assistant made me feel comfortable and at ease from start to finish. I actually fell asleep during the procedure! 5 Stars!

Vicki L.