Comprehensive Care

Porcelain Veneers
Porcelain veneers are a great way to permanently whiten, straighten or change the shape of your teeth! Think of veneers as a super thin porcelain blanket that covers the part of your teeth that people see. Master ceramists build these veneers to mimic the beauty of natural teeth. The final result is a stunning, natural looking smile achieved in only two painless dental visits!

Tooth Colored Fillings
Now there’s a better alternative to silver mercury fillings! Composite, or tooth colored fillings more closely replicate the beauty and strength of natural teeth. At Smile Design Ellsworth, Dr. Palmer has selected the finest materials and methods to insure your fillings will look and feel great for many years to come.

It’s not glamorous, but sometimes teeth need to be pulled. Dr. Palmer performs routine and surgical extractions at Smile Design Ellsworth and can also talk to you about tooth replacement options!

Night Guards and Joint Therapy Appliances
If you are waking in the morning with a sore jaw or have migraine headaches, you could be clenching or grinding your teeth. Clenching and grinding at night can cause your teeth to wear down, hurt or even break! A simple nighttime guard called an NTI appliance can spare your teeth from destruction and relieve your headaches! Dr. Palmer can also make guards that help with snoring and sleep apnea!

Sports Mouth guards
If you or your child play a contact sport, a mouth guard is a MUST HAVE! The cost of a mouth guard is small compared to the expense of fixing or replacing a broken or missing tooth. Our mouth guards can be made featuring your unique team colors and logo. It’s not every day you can have fun, be safe, AND look wicked cool.