Dental Implants

implantSmile Design Ellsworth is proud to offer tooth replacement with dental implants!

If you’re missing one or more teeth, I bet you’ve wished those teeth could just reappear! In the past, the only options for tooth replacement were to wear a partial denture, or to make a bridge from the neighboring teeth. Neither of those options are exactly like having your teeth back.

However, with dental implants, it IS like having your natural teeth back! Think of a dental implant like your natural tooth, but stronger! Dental implants don’t decay, and are designed to last a lifetime! A dental implant is placed in about 20-30 minutes and done with local anesthesia (numbness), just like when you have a filling done. Many cases are even done without the need for stitches! After the implant is placed there is a period of time allowed for healing, followed by the placement of a crown to fully restore your new tooth!