3 Dental Myths BUSTED!

Hey everyone! Happy July! It’s  a beautiful month in Maine, and the we’ve been fortunate to have stayed very busy here at the practice! This month I wanted to address some “sayings” that I hear over and over again from patients that simply are not true. Let’s start right in.   Myth #1 – flossing deeply […]

Teeth are like cars???

Hey everyone! Happy Summer 2015! I’m so glad it’s summertime. it’s beautiful here in Maine, and everyone seems to be in good spirits (yes, even when going to the dentist!). Right now I’m sitting on my porch, listening to the birds, and enjoying the unique peacefulness that Maine summers have to offer. This month I want […]

Why I’m not a “Participating Provider” with any insurance companies

  You’ll understand this picture once you finish reading the blog…. 🙂 Welcome to this month’s blog! I’m happy you decided to join me on a topic I’m particularly passionate about. This month I’d like to talk about why I choose not to “participate” in any dental insurances, and also shed some light on the reality of […]

The Dental Product I HATE Most!

Ok, this month I have to get up on my soapbox and just RANT! I HATE GLIDE FLOSS!  Now hear me out… I remember the first time I used Glide Floss…it was about a decade ago in dental school. As young dental students we had to do our own cleanings for patients, and we were graded […]

Front Tooth Fillings DONE RIGHT!

Hi Everyone! Chances are, you or somebody you know has chipped or broken a front tooth. Unfortunately, front teeth often take the brunt of sports injuries, car accidents or other trauma. So what do dentists do for broken front teeth? Well…the answer is…it depends… 🙂 But today let’s focus on one of the more common […]

Digital Cosmetic Simulations – Treating Deeply Stained Teeth

I’d like to share one of my favorite cases from 2014. I’d like to introduce you to Catherine. Catherine came to me wanting to improve her smile. She had always been self conscious about the dark staining of her teeth, caused from tetracycline staining. Tetracycline is an antibiotic that if taken while teeth are still forming […]

Introducing the Smile Design Ellsworth Blog!

Hello! I’d like to introduce our new Smile Design Ellsworth blog! Patients often ask me about procedures we offer, and are always curious about the specifics of what we do. I thought starting a monthly blog would be a great way to showcase interesting cases, and to have a bit of fun too. 🙂 Expect the first blog […]

Welcome to Our Blog

Please check back soon for our first blog post.